Thursday, August 9, 2007


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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Karma Sutra-Getting Ready For Sex

Are you ready for sex? Use the sensual sexual guide to get you ready for an explosive night of sexual pleasure.

The Karma Sutra has returned to favor again. As we become more and more open about our sexuality, there has been a greater desire to learn how to please each other. Tired of the same old boring sex, many have turned to this book to spice up their sex lives.

The Karma Sutra is more than just a sex guide. It is really concerned about the intimate relationship between the two people more than just the physical act. While the physical act is what we focus on the most, it is really the whole relationship that is the main concern of this text.

One of the most important things that you will make this a special time is getting prepared. It takes more than just jumping in bed to really satisfy your lover.

Sweet breathe. It starts at the mouth. Make sure that your breathe is sweet smelling. If you want to really turn your partner on find out what their favorite flavor is and put that in your mouth before you kiss. Bad breathe is hard to ignore, even during sex.

Clean body. Make sure to take a quick shower before the fun. This will have your body smelling good and your partner will be more likely to do all the freaky things that you like.

Sensual Food. Feeding each other can be a very sensual act. Make sure that you have ample supply of chocolate, fruit, wine and cheese on hand at all times. These finger foods will allow you to feed and lick each other hands. Very sensual. Also very thoughtful. This will score major points.

Sexual Atmosphere. This will allow you to set the right mood. Candles, music, lotion, baby oil, incense, condoms and dental dam. All these have there purposes and you should never be without any of them.

If you have nothing else make sure you are stocked with condoms. While the Karma Sutra does not mention these, this goes to be prepared to be intimate with someone. Nothing ruins the mood quicker than having to make an emergency run to the store for condoms. When you come back you may find your mate gone.

Make sure that you are setting the right mood for sex. This will elevate you evening from something more than just a rump in the hay. Respect yourself and your partner enough to make it and enjoyable night. Just because you prepare does not mean that the preparation will take away any of the passion. In fact, proper preparation will only make a hot night even hotter. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More Mistakes You May Be Making

Same Old Things. It is so easy to keep doing the same old thing. Especially when we find something that works. But that can make life boring. It is nice to have an old favorite, but always try new things. Try at least one new idea a week. This could be a new position, new technique or new place. Just make sure to change up to keep her interested.

Foreplay starts outside the bedroom. Make sure you don’t wait until you get into the bedroom before you start exciting her. Call her, leave a note, email her all during the day. Don’t only do this one the day when you want sex, but on a consistent basis. This will keep her excited and hot to being with you.

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Are You Making These Sexual Mistakes In Bed

Are you a stud or a dud? If you are making these mistakes you may be keeping women out of your bed instead of gettig them into it. Keep reading and find out what they are.

It is time to do a check and see if you are the stud that you believe that you are. A true stud pleases a woman and has her coming back for more. A dud thinks he is pleasing a woman, but he never sees her again. You may be the reason that she wont return your phone calls or emails.

Make sure you are not making these mistakes.

1. Going Too Long. Some men are so concerned about premature ejaculation that they go to the other extreme. Their sessions last too long. They think in terms of a marathon. This can be some times expressed in wanting to exhaust a woman to the point of fatigue.

Make sure you check with your partner to make sure she is up for a marathon session. Going to long with someone woman can cause pain. This will be a huge turn off and you will never hear from her again.

2. Taking Your Pants Off First. Allow her to do a nice strip tease for you. Even help her if you want to. But whatever you do, don't take your pants off first. Nothing is more funny to most women than the sight of a man in his underwear and knee socks. At least take the socks off first. Act like you have been with a woman before and hopefully that you will be with her again.

3. Be Clean. Take a quick shower before you get with her. Also, what most guys forget to do is take care of their hands. You don't have to get a manicure, but at least use some lotion. Keep you nails cut short. Sharp nails can actually cause pain. Keep your look clean and keep her coming back for more.

4. Too Rough. Most women want a masculine man in bed, but they do not want a brute. Also being too aggressive can be a turn off. Just let the passion flow. Don't try to force it. Forget the movies where they show passion as ripping clothes off and throwing her on the bed. Not only will you not hear from this woman again, but you may receive a bill for an expensive blouse.

If you have had a good time with a woman, but did not get a return call, just make sure that you are not makeing these mistakes. Focus in on the moment at hand and you will have a lot more of them in the future. Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Secret #2: The Vertical Scan

This is one of my favorite body language cues, because when this happens, you know you're in the home stretch!

This usually occurs after you've been talking to the girl for a while, you've successfully attracted her, and it's time to kiss. When you look deep into her eyes, you'll see them flicking back and forth as she looks from one eye of yours to the other, trying to get a read on you.

When you see this happen, go for the kiss right there! She's ready for it!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Karma Sutra-Sensual Touching

Rushing right into sex can run the mood. One of a woman's biggest complaint is that too little time is spent on foreplay. Most guys complain that foreplay is boring and just something that you do before you have sex. Sensual touching can satisfy both people.

The nice news about many of these touches is that they can happen outside the bedroom. It could be at dinner or in the kitchen. Every touch could be raising the heat for a hot night later.

1. The Touching Embrace. Touching a woman lightly can really turn her on. You can do this while passing by her or just as you look at her during the day. Try to stay away for the erotic areas. This will show caring more than lust. This will actually make the sex hotter later as your partner will feel that you see them as more than a sex object.

2. The Kiss of the Forehead. This is a special type of touching. These areas are very personal. While someone that you don't know may accidentally touch you on other parts of the body there are certain areas that are very personal. These areas include the forehead, the mouth and the eyes. Make sure you are gentle in the areas and you can be rougher later on that night.

3. The pressing embrace. The is when it gets a little hotter. A moment of passion that just overcomes you. While you are walking with your mate suddenly grab them and push them against a wall. Then press you body tightly against theirs. This is not the time for the gentle kiss, but a kiss filled with passion.

For a firmer foundation make sure to press you mate against the wall. This will allow you to press into them more firmly. You should feel their body reacting very quickly to this type of passion. Just be careful if you do this in public. This sudden burst could look like an attack to some and your moment of lust will be rudely interrupted.

4. The Milk and Water embrace. This one is hotter than all the others. It is like dry sex. You get all worked up without being naked. One way to do this is as a lap dance. It simulates the sex act without penetration. This will really arouse you both as you imagine what will be happening a few minutes later.

This works best if you have cotton or satin material. These materials allow for enough sensation without being to rough. Try to avoid buttons and zippers as these will only cause pain when they rub the wrong way.

The nice thing about all these embraces is that they can be used inside or outside the bedroom. They also will add variety to your sex life. She will remember the way you touched her long after she has forgotten you bedroom skills. Practice these sensual touches with your partner and watch passion explode.

5. The Embrace. This one will lead to sex. A little pain can add sensuality and passion to your night. Try gentle scratches on the forehead and back. Kiss passionately all over the body. Lightly bite nipples. The key is to make sure that you listen for your lovers response. Continue to do what they like and stop what they don't. Continue to get more and more passionate as you get ready for a hot sexual encounter.

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Male Masturbation Techniques

Tired of the same old boring ways of pleasing yourself. Learn how to take it to another level. Share this information with your woman and let her help.

If you are between women or just want to have more fun with the woman that you are currently with, masturbation can be a good way to enjoy sex. You can do more than the old basic. Keep reading and find how you can vary what you do and add spice to your sex life.

1. The hot hand. Instead of just regular KY, get the kind that heats up when you use it. You can find these in some drug stores. You can also find the in a lot of the adult stores. This added sensation will make your time really hot. If you have a partner you can rub each other.

2. The cold hand. Instead of hot, go for cold. As your about to reach a climax, rub a ice cube around your penis. If you enjoy, you can actually start with your nipples. That way when you are ready to have an orgasm, the ice will already be in your hand. This is a nice one to do during those hot summer nights.

3. Reverse. This one is called the reverse because instead of moving your hands you move your hips. Lay on your stomach. Hold your hand steady and move your hips up and down. This will more simulate the action of having sex. This one will produce a strong orgasm because it will seem like a more natural movement.

4. O-Yeah. With this one you are going to create a series of circles with your hands. Start by creating a circle with your thumb and next finger. Place this at the base of your penis. With the other hand make a circle and place it around the tip. Move your hands in opposite directions. This should allow an intense feeling as you rub your penis in an opposite direction.

5. Tag It and Bag It. You will probably not find a better use for a zip lock bag that this one. Put some lubricant in a sandwich bag. Don't fill it too much because it will not produce the correct amount of friction. You can now rub the bag around your penis. When you have an orgasm, you can now eject in the bag. Nice and neat.

Don't settle for the same old boring way of masturbating. Add some spice and variety to you time. If you and add a partner it will make it even better. Enjoy.

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